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Hand Crafted Environmentally Friendly Lake River Sea Boards

Paddleboarding made easy

Paddle keel boarding will take the worry out of your new sport. The paddle is inserted through the board making a keel which gives the board stability. Hold the paddle shaft to help you stand, when you have your balance remove the paddle from the insert and make way with ease. 

The OZ-Ezyrider provides a convenient and simple method for you to begin your assault on getting your body in shape and achieving a healthier lifestyle. Paddle keel boarding is a full body workout, great for any age, or level of fitness. 

The OZ-Ezyrider will help you get started in this great sport, you will look great, feel great, and have so much fun your life will have a whole new meaning. You will love your new board with its sturdy, robust, innovated design. OZ-Ezyrider Paddle Keel Board


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