Get On board with fitness 

Exercising is hard work, most of us just don’t like it or don't have the time, but we need to do something. So we sign up with the fat camps and gyms trying to do it a few times a week but between the gym anxiety and mundane repetitive exercises lets face it we don’t really like it, do we?

Paddle boarding is fun and a rewarding workout whether you’re out on the water at the beach or Paddling up rivers or across lakes with friends and Family! You will love your paddle keel board. Build your Confidence while having a new adventure any time you like.

You will love your board and will not want to leave it behind. Take it on holidays with you. By paddle boarding just two to three times a week you will become a whole new person. Say goodbye to fat camp. Your Oz-Ezyrider paddle keel board will be your best investment in yourself.

Add a healthy balanced diet to your new fun exercise lose the weight and stress all whiling looking and feeling great.   

The Oz- Ezyrider will get you started. This paddle board is the only one of its kind and will take any worry or concern you may have about paddle boarding away no lessons required.